Morra is an Italian finger counting game that was played thousands of years ago in ancient Rome and Greece. The object of the game is to strategize and guess how many fingers in total you throw out plus your opponent's. 

Join us every year for our annual Morra Tournament. Build a team of 5 and join us for a night of cultural enrichment.


People playing Morra

How We Play

You have two teams of 5 organized to play each other and form an order to play against the opposing team in which one winner moves on to play the next player. Each player starts with their hand (only one hand needed to play) behind their back. The two players reveal their hands simultaneously holding out their fingers thrown.The number is shouted in Italian when your hand is thrown and must correlate with the correct total number of fingers thrown by both players. If both players call it right you play again. If neither gets the number right you play again until there is one standing winner. Each team must go through the opposing team of five twice through to win the match.

2023's Morra Tournament